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VHS Camp was organized by Dean Woodson, Andrea Usuelli and Pam Charbit on May 2019 at Speakeasy Studios ran by Multi Platinum Producer/Songwriter Saverio Principini and Grammy nominated engineer Marco Sonzini

Songwriters / Producers who attended:
Dean Woodson, Moises Zulaica, Katie Tucker, Emeline Easton, Horace Gold, Jacob Gago, Arthur Besna, Fly By Midnight, Viv Parker, Leah Humphrey, Mikey, Joe Bissell and Madison Rose./ Producers who attended:


Dean Woodson - Marco Sonzini


Jacob Gago - Marco Sonzini

Andrea Usuelli - Pam Charbit - Dean Woodson

Dean Woodson - Viv Parker - Mikey

Madison Rose - Arthur Besna - Mikey - Viv Parker

Horace Gold

Viv Parker - Arthur Besna - Mikey - Leah Humphrey

Horace Gold - Jacob Gago

Dean Woodson

Moises Zulaica - Katie Tucker

Joe Bissell

Marco Sonzini - Madison Rose

Jacob Gago


Madison Rose - Arthur Besna - Mikey - Viv Parker

Moises Zulaica

Isaac Edwards - Moises Zulaica


Dean Woodson - Viv Parker - Mikey

Dean Woodson


Email for music from the camp.

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